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Burns & McDonnell Temporary Works Coordinator - T&D (Scotland, UK) in Glasgow, United Kingdom


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The Temporary Works Coordinator for Transmission is responsible for overseeing the design, installation, and routine maintenance of temporary works infrastructure and systems to facilitate the construction of the Burns & McDonnell UK transmission infrastructure projects. This role ensures compliance with safety regulations, industry standards, and project specifications. The Temporary Works Coordinator collaborates with engineers, contractors, and site personnel to ensure the safe and efficient execution of temporary works activities.

This includes:

  • Providing a link between the construction management teams, engineering design, clients and subcontractors for the delivery of projects to ensure the safe and efficient execution of temporary works activities.

  • Ensuring compliance with safety regulations, industry standards, and project specifications for all temporary works.

  • Overseeing the activity of subcontractors on site in relation to the approach to temporary works, ensuring that the approach is safe and robust, temporary works are well planned with designs where required, construction work associated with Temporary works is undertaken in accordance with method statements and temporary works are inspected and maintained in order that they continue to be suitable for their intended purpose and duration.

  • Discharge the role of Temporary Works Coordinator in accordance with BS5975:2019

  • Responsible for helping a senior co-ordinating the Temporary Works for the project above and ensuring they are undertaken in accordance with Burns & McDonnell Procedures and the scheme design

  • TWC duties throughout the project lifecycle including the inputting to tenders to identify potential temporary works.

  • Development and ownership of the Temporary Works Register for the specific projects.

  • Maintain regular site presence and coordinate this to ensure that this coincides with temporary works requirements and site activity, inspections required, TWC duties and coordination with the site team.

  • Establish design requirements to construct the temporary works and produce design briefs.

  • Work with the Designated Individual to ensure the company Temporary Works procedures are in line with the latest standards and best practices.

  • Review and assess temporary works designs, calculations, and documentation to ensure compliance with safety regulations, industry standards, and project requirements and that the design has been independently checked, including for: concept; compliance with the design brief; and structural adequacy.

  • Arrange for and verify that drawings, calculations, and other documents relevant to the final Temporary Works designs are issued to site ‘for construction’ and registered within the document management system.

  • Where appropriate, ensure that the Temporary Works design is available to other interested parties, including designers of the permanent works

  • Collaborate with project stakeholders, including engineers, contractors, and site personnel, to develop and implement temporary works procedures and plans required for the specific transmission project.

  • Conduct regular site inspections and audits of temporary works to identify potential hazards, risks, and non-compliance issues.

  • Develop and implement risk assessments and mitigation strategies for temporary works activities for the project.

  • Ensure all Temporary Works designs are suitably categorised and clearly stated on the Temporary Schedule.

  • Always maintain good lines of communication with any Temporary Works Supervisor and with the site team

  • Ensure the Temporary Works Schedule is kept up to date, including any Temporary Works design changes.

  • Act as the main point of contact between the Temporary Works designer and the site team, in all instances ensuring the TW design is implemented in accordance with the approved drawings and specification.

  • Ensure that construction of any Temporary Works does not commence until a Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS) are in place, has been approved and has been issued to and understood by the Temporary Works Supervisor and all those involved in the implementation of the Temporary Works.

  • Ensure all those responsible for on-site supervision receive full details of the TW design, including any limitations and guidance notes associated with it.

  • Ensure that a site file is created by the Site Manager and maintained with details of all drawings, calculations and other relevant documents relating to the final TW design and control of the Temporary Works on site.

  • Create and manage an inspection and maintenance programme for the Temporary Works, including arranging for inspection by competent people when requested by the Temporary Works or site team.

  • Ensure that all appropriate inspections and hold points prior to proceeding, loading, unloading, dismantling and other stages noted in the design are undertaken and recorded on the Permit to Load or Dismantle Temporary Works form.

  • Ensure that Temporary Works are removed or dismantled in accordance with a defined procedure such as a Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS)

  • Ensure any proposed changes in materials or construction are checked against the original design and appropriate action taken, and ensure that any agreed changes, or corrections of faults, are correctly carried out on site and recorded on the Temporary Works Control Sheet.

  • Where appropriate, due to safety concerns, suspend all activities associated with an item of Temporary Works.

  • Monitor and evaluate the performance of temporary works contractors and suppliers to ensure adherence to quality standards and project specifications.

  • Coordinate with relevant authorities and regulatory bodies to obtain necessary permits and approvals for temporary works activities.

  • Maintain accurate records and documentation related to temporary works, including design drawings, calculations, inspection reports, and permits.


  • Bachelor Degree in Engineering / Construction or related field and 4 years related experience Required or

  • Higher National Diploma and 5 years related experience Required or

  • Higher National Certificate and 6 years of related experience Required or

  • General Certificate of Secondary Education 7 years progressive detailing and design experience Required

  • Strong knowledge of transmission systems, construction practices, and safety regulations.

  • Excellent organisational, communication, and problem-solving skills.

  • Attention to detail and ability to review and analyse technical documentation.

  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment and effectively communicate with stakeholders at all levels.

  • Strong understanding of risk assessment and mitigation strategies specific to transmission projects.

  • Formal training in CDM 2015 and Temporary Work


  • Substation safety and access training (e.g. NSI 30, BESC:AIM etc.

  • Formal training in Impressed Voltages

  • Minimum of 5 years of construction experience preferably in the electricity transmission & distribution sector.

  • Knowledge of temporary works design and construction with ability to implement this knowledge.

  • Knowledge of BS5975

  • Knowledge of civil and structural engineering related design, calculations and design systems.

  • Understanding of the requirements of relevant UK Health & Safety legislation relating to design and construction work in the electricity supply industry.

  • Understanding of the requirements of relevant UK Environmental and Waste Management legislation.

  • Good knowledge of general UK and transmission client Procedures and Specifications relating to Temporary Works,:.

  • Thorough knowledge and experience applying National Grids Technical Specification, Technical Guidance Notes, and Design Handbooks relating to electricity T&D infrastructure in the UK.

  • Understanding of the causes and consequences of Impressed Voltage.

  • Understanding of the general requirements of procedural control of Temporary Works, in accordance with British Standards.

  • IT literate, with good knowledge of using Microsoft Office applications.

  • Excellent written & verbal communication skills.

  • Ability to deal effectively with a wide variety of stakeholders across clients, industry, government and public.

  • Able to manage tasks on multiple projects and conflicting deadlines.

  • Able to work autonomously and/or as part of a project team.

  • Ability to make an effective and collaborative contribution to the team through sharing knowledge, promoting ideas, and valuing the contribution of all team members

Job Computer Aided Drafting & Design

Primary Location GB-Glasgow, UK-Glasgow

Schedule: Full-time

Travel: Yes, 50 % of the Time

Req ID: 240828

Job Hire Type Experienced #LI-JA #UKO N/A